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    Welcome home!

    European-style manor

    Surrounded by an expanse of lush green meadow, Avignon Garden makes a bold statement on the landscape with two buildings featuring southern-France inspired architectural design and brilliant green and brick red color schemes that beautifully contrast the blue skies and white clouds above. Exotic plants and landscaping create the atmosphere of a French countryside garden that welcomes travelers to relax and feel at home.

    Lush green field

    Our expansive field is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon picnic on the soft green grass - everything tastes better when eaten outdoors!

    Fun for the whole family

    Our courtyard garden is beautifully landscaped with Japanese-style streams and bridges to amuse parents and charm couples, while kids can enjoy a playground equipped with swings, a see-saw, a slide, and spring rocker.

  • Olive Tree elegant six-person suite

    Summer Saturday:6500
    Summer Friday、Sunday:5400
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:5200
    Off-season weekday:3700

  • Cosy four-person suite

    Summer Saturday:5000
    Summer Friday、Sunday:4000
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:3800
    Off-season weekday:2800

  • Bluebell three-person suite

    Summer Saturday:4300
    Summer Friday、Sunday:3800
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:3500
    Off-season weekday:2500

  • Deluxe two-person honeymoon suite

    Summer Saturday:3900
    Summer Friday、Sunday:3300
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:3000

    Off-season weekday:2400

  • Deluxe family suite

    Summer Saturday:5300
    Summer Friday、Sunday:4500
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:4200
    Off-season weekday:3000

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